Creating an SMS ad.

Watching TV and assuming that your promotions are viewed by millions of users???

People love to multi-task. But, when a message is delivered on your mobile, the one thing that people will concentrate while reading the message is READ the message. So why assume when you can know that your promotions are being delivered on hand.

Comparing the cost of using expensive media and cost as low as of a single message, plus the guarantee rate that people receives the messages, mobile messages certainly has upper hand. Register as an advertising user, enter your promotion, hit save and you are done. Send your promotions to any number and let everyone know about your products or scheme. It is as simple as that. SMS123Go! allows easily control and manage multiple campaigns at once to avoid confusion.

Promote as a COPORATE user.

Register as a corporate user and get an API from SMS123Go!.

Build your own business application; use the API service provided by SMS123Go! And send mobile messages from your own applications without the interference of SMS123Go! Plus you get an advertisement free service.

Practically unlimited contact book management is provided. Grow your own Mobile Message Advertising business using our API and reap benefits. We do not ask what kind of business until it complies with our terms and conditions and is according to social norms.