What does it do?

SMS123Go! allows anyone to use its service. No boundaries. No expensive setup fee and no expensive cost for messages.

SMS123Go! Allows users to send messages to any mobile around the world in PAY-AS-YOU-GO basis. Send a new messages and pay for that message only.

SMS123Go! Allows you to save advertisements that can be sent to people. Introduce people with your products and schemes and attract them to your product.

It is always nice to have a backup. It is even nicer if it’s free. Even registering as PAY-AS-YOU-GO, you can maintain your own contact book.

Pay minimum fee and you can get the power of SMS123Go! on your own hand. We are empowering you to use our extensive API for setting up your own Messaging Website/Application and let your business imagination flow.

Can’t access your desktop and think international messaging from mobile networks is too costly? Download and install SMS123Go! Mobile application on your internet enabled mobile and send messages using the same low rate.

We hate spam messages as much as anyone else. So receivers will get mobile messages only when the sender initiates the request. We DONOT use your contact book for full advertisements or other things.

Security is one thing we will never compromise on. Your personal information and your contacts’ information are solely yours and we will never disclose that information to anyone. Your account package is secured and the API’s function will never function until you provide valid login credentials. In case of advertising user, your own business logic and your advertising messages will never be disclosed to anyone.

Strengths of SMS123Go! Mobile Advertising and Corporate Branding

Wider Customer Engagement. Users of mobile devices are keener on using them instead of their personal computers which are not totally convenient (of course this is with the exception of iPads, netbooks and notebooks). Given the number of smart phone users, mobile messaging and marketing has the widest reach and thus, the ability to engage to a multitude of customers. And with the number of hours spent by users on sending and reading texts, calling family and friends, reading and sending emails, and accessing the internet, there is no doubt that mobile marketing is one of the most effective advertising tools available to businesses today.

Lead Generation. Mobile phones have been designed for ultimate portability and mobility, so it’s not surprising that users carry them all the time. With the long hours they use their phones, most of them actually like entertaining advertising messages, reading them, and taking action. Since 94% of mobile messages are read, mobile marketing certainly generates leads.

Come in Handy. The availability of smart phones makes utilizing promotional messages simple with hyperlinks easy viewed now on the same device. Meanwhile, SMS messaging elicits response better than other forms of messaging (email, fax, etc.), and thus, this type of messaging/marketing scheme is also interactive.

Budget-Friendly. Finally and most importantly, mobile marketing is one of the cheapest types of marketing. One SMS of 160 characters costs only 5 cents. This is significantly cheaper than paying for ads for print, radio, TV and even on websites.

Customer Centric. With SMS marketing customers get to interact with your brand when they are interested in your promotion leading to a more qualified customer overall. As customers can often interact with a text campaign and choose to follow up the offer in their own time this often leads to a better brand message being delivered in a less forceful way.