Features of SMS123go!:

SMS or text messaging is an effective tool for business communications because of its simplicity, ease of use and reach. SMS is available on virtually all mobile phones and over all mobile networks making it the world’s most pervasive communications technology. The usage of SMS continues to grow because it is simple, easy to use and has enormous reach. Ultimately, consumers like to have choices in the way they communicate with businesses and increasingly consumers are turning to SMS. Mobile advertising is well suited to leverage improved results from traditional channels such as print, radio and TV by providing a call-to-action to text back or respond through the cell phone. In addition to getting an immediate qualified lead, and establishing the mobile as a new customer relationship channel, the mobile channel provides a highly effective measurement opportunity with built-in response rate tracking, i.e. if you run a campaign with a particular billboard you can assign a specific mobile keyword to that media and track response rates through the mobile keyword.

Contact Book:
The contact book feature helps to record details of people such as their contact numbers, name, email address, and message history for future reference. The concept works similar to any contact list found in numerous mobile devices.

Contact book has advantage of an easy SMS access to any of your contacts in comparison to other storage area. SMS123go! cuts off the expensive cost of international messaging as its cost per message is much cheaper than other gateway. It acts as a phone diary from where user can directly send messages. Thus, reducing the time to search and enter the numbers to their desired web portals.

The storage limit of the contacts depends upon the purchased available packages. Data exceeding the allocated limit need to be refreshed or upgraded as per requirements.

Web-to-Mobile messaging:
Since mass production results in cutting down of the costs, this rule also applies to sending of bulk text sms from computer. The overall cost of thousands of text messages sent in quick time is pruned to astonishingly low levels as compared to the sms messages from mobile phone. Mobile advertisement is rapidly being considered as one of the most effective advertising channels as it is highly interactive and gives marketers the opportunity to interact with audiences in a unique one to one environment – anytime, anywhere. Mobile consumers interact with mobile content while at home, traveling, in a meeting or while waiting and are less likely to be distracted or involved with other tasks as opposed to television, radio, and the Internet where multitasking is so common.

SMS123go! introduces web SMS service, where user can send SMS from a web portal to any mobile number almost anywhere in the world. Users only need to key in the recipient mobile number together with their personal message. SMS123go! not only helps user to send SMS to any network in the world but also minimizes the cost of sending SMS from a phone network. . The chances of going through the messages are very high in comparison to the e-mails. For instance, user reads the messages that are blinked on their mobile more quickly than the mails in online portals. The receiver doesn’t need GPRS enabled network in order to read the messages of their mobile’s inbox. When we send a text message campaign to user’s marketing list it arrives in seconds whereas email spam filters, postage and drawing visitors into website.


SMS123Go! API provides SMS technology that takes off workload and stress from user’s shoulders. It boosts user’s stagnating business with new ideas and opportunities in data managing and performance optimization. Organizations can benefit from SMS API with which several types of systems, applications and software can become SMS-enabled; network management, customer relationship management, software workflow management, helpdesk software, database usage, email usage and website creation. A text message is limited to 140 characters. That means user can say exactly what they need to say in 140 characters. Through millions of mobile phones, consumers exchange more than 5 billion text messages per day, which puts SMS ahead of the pack when it comes to delivering the most effective and interactive marketing programs.

Secured Services:
SMS123go! has high security as it automatically terminates if the site is unused for more than 10 minutes. It asks username and password for every flow of messages. How can the customer track SMS report (sent, failed, delivered, dead)? Each step’s delivery report (e.g. under process, delivered, failed, etc.) aids user to track their message flow.

SMS123go! also provides message broadcasting feature which can be beneficial to those parties (e.g., corporate houses) interested in disseminating information to its large number of clients.

Easy upgrade package:
Service packages can be easily upgraded to a more suitable package and extra features. You can upgrade to a package that is more suitable to your needs and requirements. SMS123go! has one of the lowest rates for SMS services and have great rates for enterprises as well as small businesses.

There are credit packages which provide credit limit of $15, $8 and $5 valid for 360 days, 180 days and 45 days respectively. These credit limits are dependent upon the outflow of messages.

Mobile application for all smart phones and normal handsets:
SMS123go! provides mobile applications for wide range of mobile devices such as Windows mobile, Symbian OS, Android phone, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Tablets.

Settings and Extras:
User can be updated with date of buying of the package with its cost details.


What is API?
API Stands for "Application Program Interface," though it is sometimes referred to as an "Application Programming Interface." An API is a set of commands, functions, and protocols which programmers can use when building software for a specific operating system. The API allows programmers to use predefined functions to interact with the operating system, instead of writing them from scratch.

What is international text messaging?
International Text Messaging allows you to send and receive text messages from your wireless phone to select international destinations.

How do I send International Text Messages?
Login into SMS123go! website or on the application on your mobile phones. Then enter your text with receiver mobile number and country name.

What is SMS123go!?
SMS123go! is a web application which sends messages to the recipient’s mobile in cheapest rate. The application can also be used as your contact management system. The benefit of using this application depends upon how the user decides to use the sms services provided by the application.

Who are the targeted customers of SMS123go!
Anyone (corporate houses, individual users) who wishes to send messages internationally whether for private purpose or business purpose.

Do I need to register to use the service?
Yes, you need to register with your name, username, country name, mobile number and email address, to use the service.

What will be the access channels to use the service?
The access channels for SMS123Go services are: web site, mobile application and APIs

How can I download the mobile app?
Click on “Get Application” link, and then click on the platform of your mobile to download the application for that specific platform.

What should I do if I didn’t get my SMS delivered to the target number?
If you didn’t get your sms delivered to the targeted number, you need to check the number entered and view the processing report. The SMS will be on processing for utmost three days. Post three days, SMS123go!! will not be responsible for the loss of SMS.

Can I get my money back if I don’t wish to use the service anymore?
Users are totally responsible for the usage of balance within the expiry date.The balance in the account is non-refundable.

What is the maximum length of an SMS message?
The maximum length of an SMS is 140 characters.